I have battled my weight my entire life….I have tried every diet you have ever heard of and probably ones you haven’t.  Some have been successful, for a time at least, and others have been dismal failures right off the bat.  What I have come to realize through my weight loss journey is, a diet is always going to fail because it shouldn’t be a diet, it should be a lifestyle change.  I can’t diet, lose the weight and then go back to eating whatever I want because I’m just going to gain the weight back and start the cycle over again.  And while this seems like a pretty basic concept, it is one I have struggled with for as long as I can remember.

So while I was looking for my ‘reason’ (refer to The start of my story), I stumbled upon AdvoCare.  My personal thought process was, if I am going to be paying money for a product, I am going to follow this plan because I don’t have money to just throw down the drain. So I signed up to do the 24 day challenge and I lost 15lbs and 11inches!  But not only that, which was already enough, I felt better than I ever had before.  I have a job that requires me to wake up early….very early….and as a Mom to a toddler, I was always tired.  Not anymore!  I drink my Spark in the morning and I am wide awake!  And not just for a couple hours but the whole day.  I’ve never been an energy or coffee drinker, so I can’t  speak personally to the difference but I see my colleagues having to drink multiple cups of coffee and still feeling sluggish or drinking an energy drink and having the crash a few hours later, compared to my one Spark in the morning leaving me set for the whole day.

As the end of the 24 days was coming to an end, I started thinking why wouldn’t I keep going?  I was feeling better, I was looking better, I was sticking to it, what reason would there be for me to stop?  There isn’t one, not a good one anyway.  And that’s when AdvoCare became the next chapter in my story.  That’s when my health became a priority in my life.  That’s when I became a priority in my life.


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