It feels like forever since I have written a blog post!  Between looking for a new place, packing, moving, crashing with family till our place was ready and then unpacking, well, life just got away from me and my blog was unfortunately something that had to take a back seat.  But now that we are settled, all the boxes have been unpacked and life has pretty much returned to normal, I can sit down and take the time to write a post that I have been thinking about since we decided to move.

My husband and I have lived in the same apartment complex for 7 years, to say that it has memories for us is an understatement.  We moved in a month before our wedding so it is the first place we had as a married couple, it is where we said goodbye to our beloved yellow lab, Roxie, it is where we brought our son home and so many of his “firsts” happened there….the list goes on and on.

When we decided to move to get our son in a different school district, I was so excited to get him into a school that we felt would be the best fit for him, I didn’t really take the time to think of everything we were leaving behind.  Every part of that apartment held a memory for me. Not to mention for anyone that knows me, I am not the best with directions by any stretch of the imagination, so going from a place I knew where everything was to a place where I didn’t know where anything was…well, it was terrifying.  And what if we had made a mistake and this wasn’t the right school for him or what if he didn’t get in, then we moved for nothing.

But we had found a place and signed a lease and there was no turning back.  Before I knew it, we were packing up 7 years of our lives and our memories.  Luckily I have an amazing husband who would find me staring into space and hug me because he knew all the crazy thoughts swirling through my head or he would hold me when my eyes would well up with tears at the thought of leaving the only place our son had ever known as home. And he let me wait until the day before we had to move all our stuff to pack up our sons room because I couldn’t bear the thought of him not having all his normal things around him.

So much of this probably makes me seem crazy, everything we had in our old place would be in our new place and memories are something that I will carry in my heart forever no matter where we are living.  But to me, this apartment was more than just an apartment.  It is the place where all of my dreams came true, where I stopped being just me as a person by myself and instead became a part of a family, where an apartment stopped being just another apartment and became our home.

I am very proud of the work Kyle and I did on making that apartment feel like us and especially on how much love we put into making Preston’s room special.  So I am ending this post with some pictures I took of Preston’s room right before we started packing it up. I hope you see the love we put into it and how our “house” became a home.


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