Mother’s Day is something that has changed in meaning for me throughout the years.  For the majority of my life, it was a day meant to celebrate my own Mom, a single parent raising 4 kids.  Not an easy job, to say the least.  Now that I am a Mom, I know firsthand how difficult that must have been. Thank you for always being there for us, even when it wasn’t easy, which was probably more often than not.


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Then in 2009, it not only became a day meant to celebrate the Mom that raised me, it was now also to celebrate the Mom that welcomed me into her heart, my Mother-in-law.  A day to thank the person that raised my husband to be the man he is today and the father that he is today.  Thank you just doesn’t seem adequate for trusting me, and the love I have for your son, but I will say it anyway….thank you.

My first Mother’s Day with a human baby (because before P, came Roxie our yellow lab), was 9 days after he was born. And I thought, now I really understand Mother’s Day!  Here I have carried this tiny human for 9+ months (42 weeks to be exact) and given birth to this not so tiny human(9lbs 10oz and 22.5″) and I deserve to be pampered.  So now from here on out, every Mother’s Day is going to be a perfect celebration of the love Kyle and I have for our Mom’s and the new love he and our beautiful baby have for me.  I blame lack of sleep for my delusions.




Because of course, that is not what happened.  And this year, Mother’s Day took on an entirely different meaning.  And this is where I will explain what I mean by warriors…

Through tragedy, sometimes something wonderful happens and I am happy to say that in my case, something did. I met some of the most amazing Moms (and Dads too but today is about the ladies), that a person could be blessed to know.  These are Moms that, through cruel circumstances, love their babies without being able to hold them everyday or see their smiling faces.  They are Moms that fight to keep going when others might give up. They are Moms that listen to my story or other stories like mine and are always there to offer support, even when their own  is already like carrying the weight of the world. They are Moms that some may forget are Moms because they love angels instead and for that, they are warriors.  These women have been given the greatest gift there is, a child, and had it ripped away but they don’t give up, and for that, they are warriors.

A warrior is defined as a brave or experienced soldier or fighter…..

To some of the BRAVEST women and FIGHTERS I know, Happy Mother’s Day.  Because whether or baby is here or in heaven, you are a Mom and deserve to be celebrated.



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